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What is a Trading Robot?



A "trading robot or trading system" is a set of rules or computer algorithms, which decide when to buy or sell, and what to buy or sell. Trading robots (also known as “black boxes") replace emotion, fear, greed and instinct in trading.  Now, thanks to cutting edge, trading technologies developed by 24 KT Trading Group, you can direct expert trading systems to your own brokerage account(s).


At 24 KT Trading Group, we develop powerful trading software based on 33 years experience. Not only as software developers but also as traders, brokers and advisers. Our proprietary methodologies and strategies have been thoroughly researched, thoroughly tested and most importantly, market traded! Our  trading models, formulas and algorithms decipher historical and recent market data, crunches the numbers and delivers end users real time, low risk–high reward trades via a robotic interface, directly to their brokerage account(s). Armed with any of our trading robots, all buy, sell, exit & stop-loss orders are mechanical and on auto-pilot. The guesswork, fear, greed, stress and emotion are eliminated. We offer several powerful trading robots for diversified portfolios. Each robot can be set-up to auto-ex trade CFD's, Equities, ETF's, Forex and / or Futures for you at TradeStation Securities or any other compatible brokerage firm.