24 KT. Trading Group


The 24 KT. Trading Group, is a alternative investment advisory group that deploys and manages investment capital across multiple asset classes utilizing proprietary investment strategies.

While initially focusing on Gold Bullion and other precious metals markets, 24 KT. Trading Group has quickly expanded into other markets, including: CFD's, Derivatives, ETF’s, Forex and Futures. 

24 KT. Trading Group has evolved to include industry-leading, award winning, market-timing software, a best-in-class hedge fund administration business and a multi-manager investment strategy approach that deploys capital with unaffiliated 3rd party investment managers.

As 24 KT. Trading Group's  investment focus expanded, so too did our team, as we are attracting top talent from around the world who possess tremendous intellectual curiosity, innovative ideas and a relentless commitment to execution. We bring together intellectual capital from the fields of trading, technology, research, meteorology, risk management and engineering - all to solve complex financial problems that have an impact on the global capital markets.